Menstrual Hygiene

With Airport Authority of India

Self hygienic and safe environment with protection and guidelines. Menstruation is a natural, normal biological, physical and mentally changing process experienced by all adolescent girls and women, yet it is not spoken about openly causing unnecessary embarrassment and shame. In TamilNadu lakhs of adolescent girls are particularly vulnerable at the onset of menarche. At this time they need a safe environment that offers protection and guidance to ensure their basic health, well-being and educational opportunity is realized. Lack of a separate and usable girl‟s toilet in schools and a toilet at home leaves adolescent girls and women to face the indignity of open defecation. However, safe and effective menstrual hygiene management, or „MHM‟ is a trigger for better and stronger development for adolescent girls and women.


Providing good health well being mentally n physically at menarche.


Effective Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) to corporate adolescent girls and their parents

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