Bala Janaagraha is a practical civic education program which aims at empowering the school children of urban India with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to develop a deep sense of ownership and responsibility towards their society and neighborhood. It enlightens the students of rights and responsibilities of citizens. It stresses the need for citizen participation in local governance, thus, catalyzing change. This has brought about sea of bring a sea of change in their attitude and civic sense.

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Happy child

This happy child program has created a happy and positive and congenial environment in the schools and remarkable changes in behavior of students has been reported.

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Positive Parenting

In the changing world where new perils lurch, it is our responsibility to send the right message to the youth and the young enabling them to take informed decisions. We believe in a happy childhood with all round development to make them successful not only in academics but in real life as well.

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Partnering Avtar human capital trust, Chennai in implementation of their initiative “project puthri” benefitting 2000 girls in the government and corporation schools Coimbatore to create career intentionality.

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Bosch project

Development of 6 model government schools in Coimbatore with smart class rooms, modern teaching methodology, teachers training, stress busters for teachers, support and bridge courses for academic success partnering Robert Bosch.

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CCMC Awards

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Child care response centre

Aram foundation charitable trust and Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation have inaugurated the child care response centre with the help line number 8190000300.

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College events

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Gen.counseling & spl guidance

Provides congenial atmosphere for all round development Issues that torment them like addictions, habits, complexes, parental issues and abuses are addressed and parents counseled and workable solutions arrived for happy childhood which is the base for academic success.

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Medical camps

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Mural Art

Our mural arts project reach has been great and the novel method of spreading messages was much welcome. In Feb 2016 the entire 1 km wall of the Railways was painted with awareness messages with 220 volunteers.

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Safe touch

In safe touch awareness, the children were educated on how to identify abuse and they were encouraged to confide their personal problems to seek help and 230 such victims have been counseled, guided and rehabilitated.

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Self defense

Creating awareness and self vigilance to stay safe. Educate them about systematic and opportunistic abuse, encourage them to speak up to seek help in case of physical, psychological and sexual abuse.

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Swaach Bharat programs

Cleanliness in the stations and railway track is of great importance and this is being done in co ordination with Salem Division Southern Railway. To spread this awareness demos, campaigns and flash mob is being conducted thrice every year in every station. Pamphlets are distributed. Plays and miming done to attract commuter’s .Further class 1V staff get to work along with us which is a great motivation for them.

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Our vetripadi project resulted in pass percentage had increased in all the schools from 3 to 24 % last year. History created in 40 years of school at Selvapuram Hr sec school with 100% pass in board exam 2016.

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